How to Look After Yourself as a homeschooling/unschooling Mum. No 1


This is a post I am writing in seven parts, so my aim is to do one a day for a week, as a reminder to myself as well as to other homeschooling/unschooling Mums who are out there doing their best to raise their kids at home. It isn’t always easy, so here is day one!! This is for me as much as it is for all of you!

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DAY ONE; Give Yourself a Break

Don’t expect to get it all right and be perfect, there is no such thing as getting it right. Give yourself a break. Give up the feeling that things should be going a certain way and that you should have it all under control. When I started out homeschooling the kids, I had a plan, I had an aim, I knew what I wanted for them, I had my targets. They did not go along with my plan. Over the years I have learned to drop my agenda and to listen to them. That is where the learning magic lies in the quiet curiosity that ignites in the moments when you let go of being in control.

Perfect doesn’t exist. Be very nice to yourself.


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