Jahli’s Cooking Programme: Part 1



This is my film you can click on it here. Right here, here is the film.


I am sorry if it is a bit, well if you can’t hear me that well, it was really windy. But please leave a comment down below and yeah be tuned! Bye.

Edited and presented by Jahli!!!

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I am Jahli. I am 10. I am happy. I like making and I am creative and that's it

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  1. Jahli, it’s fantastic! Very professionally done, you are a natural 🙂 I shall try the recipe next week and share the results with you! Storm and Beck are always very pleased when I bake – I will get them to help too if I can. I think it was great to do it outside (despite the wind) and yes, what a great view. Fab seeing you 🙂 x

  2. Maxine says:

    Jahli, We really liked your video and we are planning on giving your recipe a go! We are homeschoolers in Mendocino which is in northern California!