Me, Mum and a talk about Minecraft

Jahlis minecraft pic for post

Me (as in Mum): Why do you like Minecraft?

Jahli: Because it is fun and I like making.

Me: If you had to describe Minecraft to someone who who had never heard of it how would you describe it, in a sentence?

Jahli: I’d say it is a very fun game on an electronic sort of t.v thing, a computer. The game is fun dangerous and cool.

Me: What do you want to happen in Minecraft?

Jahli: Nothing really I think it is good to go. Oh I wish though that in Minecraft if you died you could still have all your stuff and you could come back to where you want to. I would like someone to join me on Minecraft and whoever can, that would be brilliant. Message me in the comments if you want to join me.





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I am Jahli. I am 10. I am happy. I like making and I am creative and that's it

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  1. Brandy says:

    Ha! My 8 year old, Emmett, would love to join you in mine craft. I hope he knows how to do that…I dont! We unschool on a high country station in New Zealand.

  2. That is great, sorry for the late response! Yes. How can we find you?

  3. This is a message to Emmett from Jahli though me!
    If you don’t know how to connect I can tell you because I can do it it is pretty simple. And yeah, sorry for the late response, again. It was my Mum’s fault.

  4. Emmett says:

    Ok, we created a server, but it seems that we need your email address to add you? OR, please tell us how to connect with you on mine craft!

  5. We are trying to get through to you! We looked at your website, it looks so interesting. Wow.