Can You Guess What It Is?



Can you guess what is?
If you don’t want to guess just tell me and I will tell you what it is . But you cannot tell anybody or else no more pictures this time.

Love Jahli

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I am Jahli. I am 10. I am happy. I like making and I am creative and that’s it

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  1. I give up Jahli, tell me!!!

  2. Hi Jahli,
    I’m stumped too. It looks intriguing. Nice to see you are still MASTER MAKER BOY!
    Granny and I just had a lovely weekend with one of my oldest friends, Martin, who is also a journalist, his son and daughter, and her boyfriend. They came down from London and stayed at Beech Hill for a long weekend. We took then to Dartmoor – to the beautiful river with the rock with a big hole in it…. do you remember? We had such a nice time.
    lots of love, Simon x

  3. Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

    It is a cloud swing you silly billy! Goodbye love Jahli x

  4. Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

    It is a cloud swing Lisa!