Can You Guess?



This is a new one, can you guess what this is?

Love Jahli

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I am Jahli. I am 10. I am happy. I like making and I am creative and that's it

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  1. Rucha says:

    it is a wall seen through cellophane packaging…

  2. Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

    I am sorry but you are wrong Ruch. If you want you can keep on guessing though.

  3. Rucha says:

    oh really, darn it. The wall bit is right, right? I’ll have another guess standing on my head…ah ha, got it, it’s the floor through a blowing bubble!

  4. Is it smoke from a candel or something close to the wall?

  5. Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

    Nope Marica.

  6. Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

    Well yes Marica it is actually smoke from a joss stick.

  7. Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

    Nope Trevor.