Jahli and the ball


I am Jahli.

I am 8. I like making airplanes.  I am a little bit creative. I am going to make a book and I think it’s a pretty good idea and it is about how to make paper airplanes. I would be very happy if you would buy it and the rest I don’t know. If you have got any questions please tell me what they are.

I love doctor Seuss books, I think that they are pretty good. I unschool, that you can see as you are on my blog and it is called ‘unschooling the kids’ and I am in Italy. I can speak half Italian and I like painting and drawing pictures of monsters.

I have been to four countries but one of them we just stopped whilst we were flying. I have been to Africa, I have been to England, and right now I am in Italy oh … and I have also been to other one but mum can’t remember where it was exactly.

I do circus and this is a picture I took with my mum’s phone.


Can you guess what the picture is?

I’ll be back in a minute …   …   …   …   …   …

I am back, have you guessed what the picture is! Send me a message if you have guessed.

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I am Jahli. I am 10. I am happy. I like making and I am creative and that's it

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  1. Lehla Eldridge-Rogers says:

    I think it is…a raspberry?

  2. Is that a head bump in your cover picture?? I miss you — looking forward to hearing more of your adventures here!

  3. Yay, you did it!! Cool site.

  4. Rucha says:

    Hi Jahli, I think the picture is raspberry jelly in a mould with a light underneath, shining through – am I right?? Aunty Ruchaxx

  5. Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

    No, it is not that. Look out for my new picture.

  6. Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

    Hi Deborah,
    What do you mean by head bump?

  7. Giulio says:

    i know what it is.from giulio

  8. Lehla Eldridge-Rogers says:

    What is it Giulio? from Jahli

  9. Can’t wait to find out as I haven’t got a clue! Gladeana x

  10. Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

    It is a car light!

  11. Hi Jahli. Great to read your blog! I really like that photo – the one of you and the ball. It looks like you have just done this amazing big header like they do in professional football matches. I didn’t have a clue what that other picture was. I thought maybe you had been to some fantastic Italian disco with flashing red lights!
    Nice we can now communicate like this. Keep posting. Lots of love, Simon xx

  12. Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

    Hi Simon, no it was not a disco ball, do you want to know or do you want to keep on guessing? Goodbye. x